The Great Past of  Tomorrow

Nestled between Abu Dhabi and Dubai Lies the breathtaking coastal destination steeped in nature, history and lore.

Sahel Al Emarat

With intervals of nature,stunning coastlines and a sense of escapism; Sahel Al Emarat is the perfect inspiration - a pristine destination offering a respite from the city. The Riviera of the UAE  aims to capture the imagination of residents and vacationers in the Emirates just as the Côte d'Azur and the Hamptons have done for generations.


AlJurf adds a new layer of beauty to the existing landscape. For those looking to escape from the fast-paced bustle of the city; it offers a tranquil getaway - inviting stunning intervals of nature into every home, and ushering in a new concept of community living. AlJurf seamlessly integrates with the natural environment, protecting our heritage and become the seed for Sahel Al Emarat.

AlJurf’s Coastal Ranches.

A natural masterpiece and an intricate tapestry of 500 landscaped plots designed to seamlessly integrate within the natural, raw beauty of AlJurf. Refined architecture blends with its environment in undisrupted harmony. AlJurf Gardens skilfully incorporates architecture, inspired by local culture, with nature, taming the wilderness of the natural habitat of AlJurf. The controlled raw beauty of nature is repeated throughout to showcase its exquisiteness across every typology of homes, gardens and courtyards.

The Soul of Aljurf.

At the Western border of the historic site, along the frontage of a pristine beach, framed by azure Gulf views, Jiwar Alqasr boasts a wellness component, a boutique hotel and an Arabian village that provides a diverse but contemporary experience of regional heritage. Jiwar Alqasr, in close proximity of the former Palace, offers a new concept of living in a modern setting of Arabian culture.

AlJurf 's Marina.

Residences on the sea, along the pier, and in the marina, offer a unique, marine-based living experience at Marsaljurf.

The gateway to the beautiful waters of Sahel Al Emarat, Marsaljurf ’s pier, marina and the water canals, come together to create a place of life, that will survive the test of time.

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